The Animal Experiments Inspectorate carries out inspections of animal testing facilities and ongoing experiments. Every year, the Inspectorate must inspect at least a third of all animal testing facilities in Denmark.

Focus areas of the Animal Experiments Inspectorate

When conducting an inspection, the Inspectorate evaluates if animal housing and care is being conducted according to legislation. The following is inspected:

  • The size of the cages – total area and height
  • Number of animals in the cages
  • Quantity and quality of the bedding, enrichment and nesting materials
  • Cage design
  • Hygiene
  • Temperature
  • Ventilation
  • Lighting
  • Air humidity
  • Clear marking of the experiment permit for each animal

Additionally, the Inspectorate also focuses on the following:

  • Correctly filled out research journal(s)
  • Properly prepared procedures in case of ventilation error, etc.
  • Disease surveillance
  • Ensuring that written procedures exist in case of employee leave and/or vacation
  • Control of access to animal stalls
  • Competent animal technicians
  • Competent animal researchers